Ladies, a stylish alternative to using a handbag

Kizomba Corsage

Stylish, unique way to secure your cash, cards, keys, and even lipstick! whilst dancing, attending festivals, sight-seeing and even on the beach!

Pretty faux leather corsage with discrete zip compartment secured around your wrist with adjustable strap.

Perfect for Kizomba, Salsa, Bachata, Tango, Ceroc events, Festivals, Nightclubbing, Gym, Yoga, etc.

I was inspired to create this accessory following a very distressing incident when a friend had her handbag stolen at a busy salsa bar. The lady was busy dancing with her partner but was totally unaware that a thief had taken her handbag from the table…obviously she lost her money, etc. but also her car parked outside the event because the thief simply used the key fob to ‘blink’ and highlight the appropriate vehicle to drive away!

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KIZOMBA CORSAGES were designed especially for dancers but have many other potential uses... Gym, Yoga enthusiasts to safeguard their locker key

It's water resistant so great for the beach too ... keep your cash/keys with you at all times

Kizomba Corsage is registered with the Intellectual Property Office

(Design No. 6024809)

All rights reserved


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