Sue Burton - Designer & founder of Kizomba Corsage

Debbie McGee

of Strictly Come Dancing

Salsa & Kizomba teachers

Richard Chongtham & Clare Brasher of RCDance

Abigail Wylie kizomba teacher of Kizomba Noroeste

Laura Fogliata

Bachata teacher LTP - Los Traviesos Productions

Sonny Varela (Miss Ginga Boo) of SV Promotions Fashion Designer, Kizomba Dancer, Teacher, Performer, & Promoter

Karen Denman

Kizomba Teacher Karen Kixomba

Sandra Garlick MBE - Founder of Woman Who Achieves

with Sue Burton - Designer & Founder of Kizomba Corsage

Best pals! Sue Burton & Karen Craddock who've danced at many Kizomba festivals all over the UK and overseas.

Photo taken at LIKE Kizomba Festival at Club Bolero in Lisbon

Clare Brasher wearing a dainty satin style trimmed with glittering rhinestones - a popular design for salsa & tango dancers